Now You Can List Your Home For Only 3.99%* or 4.99% Commission

We believe that there may have been a time in the past when home prices were much lower and it made sense to charge 6% or even 7% commission when selling a home. After all, there are quite a few expenses incurred when listing a home and a good portion of that commission typically goes to the buyers agent/broker in a transaction. Over the years home prices have gone up significantly and 7% is just to much now. So, we decided to reduce the fees!  

If you work with us you will receive a full service listing agreement! With a reduced fee of either 4.99% or a net of 3.99%* 

What is included:

• Full market analysis

 • MLS advertising

 • Posting on all major web sites such as,,, etc.

 • Professional Photography

 • Expert negotiations on your behalf

 • Fast and Friendly service

 • Professional signage where allowed

 • Free no obligation consultation prior to listing

 • Full color listing brochures 

 • 2.7% commission payout to the buyers agent/broker 

A hard working experienced agent with a No Pressure Promise! Yes really…. No pressure!

Our goal is for you to enjoy working with us so much that you send us a bunch of referrals and contact us again in 7 to 10 years or when ever you are ready to buy and sell again. We know we need to work hard for that to happen and we need to earn your trust;-)   


*How can I get the fee down to a net of 3.99%* you ask?

If you plan to purchase a property in Minnesota and allow us to help you with that purchase, we would then give you the additional 1% in the form of a rebate back to you at the closing of your next home. You can either receive a check or have the money applied toward the purchase of the new home at closing.


Please note: Reduced Fee is a team of professional Realtors and Bridge Realty is our Broker. The reduced fee’s we advertise only pertain to our team, not all agents working with Bridge Realty offer these same fee’s.

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