About Us

Jeff Steinman

Jeff Steinman created ReduceTheListingFee.com because he believes that charging a client a total listing fee of 6 - 7% is way too much. Jeff came up with ReduceTheListingFee.com so we could get the word out that it is possible to work with a quality full service agent for a reasonable listing fee. Jeff also has a "no pressure promise" he promises that neither he nor anyone on his team will ever pressure you.

Our Philosophy

When working with clients who want to sell a property we know what should be done to prepare a property for market. We are willing to provide specialized information at no additional cost to all clients who list their homes with us. For example: hiring a high quality professional photographer for every listing is extremely important in order to make a good first impression on the internet!

We will not push a client to keep dropping the price on a listing if it is not selling quickly. We provide regular market data and let you decide if you want to stick with the current price or make an adjustment. Selling a home can be very emotional with all of the memories involved. You probably have also put a lot of time and money into your home over the years. It makes sense that you should get as much of the equity back out of your home as possible.

When working with buyers we are always on the lookout for issues with any given home that is being considered. We will never push anyone to buy a particular property. In fact we regularly warn clients about problems that we find when showing homes. It is better to help a client find a good home rather than make a quick sale. We receive a lot of referrals from our past clients because they are happy with the home they have purchased and they spread the word!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we look forward to hearing from you when you are ready.

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